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General terms and conditions

§ 1 Basic conditions
With a registration and login user requests of a conclusion of the contract about Free to play this game, in case user declares to agree with GTC and game rules.
Basis cotract about using are these GTC which user agreed in registration.
This contract is valid idenfinitely and both sides can end by Letter or Email.
There exists no user claim to open account and allow participation or deleting the game or remove availability.
Operator can edit, update or stop the game without a reason.
Operator can change GTC.
User agrees with GTC by playing a game and Loging in.

§ 2 Account / Virtual farming
Username must obtain at least 4 symbols. User can use letters, numbers, spaces or special symbols.
User can register unlimited number of accounts.
Be careful about name of your account. User must respect rights of Name protection like real names, groups, clubs, brands and companies
All accounts, items, characters and everything what they obtain is virtual estate.
User have exclusive right to use his/her own virtual estate and to the others virtual estate non-exclusive right to use.
Rights to use are limited to validity of contract if in game isn't shorter limit.
User is not alowed to own right of any virtual estate.
It applies to virtual estate with premium account too.
User is not possible to transfer his/her account to other game world or other M2 server.
User can't use, buy, sell, give or change virtual estate out of the game.
Username and password can't be sold or given to others.
User is responsible to safety of virtual estate what means user should use strong password.
Operator is not responsible about user's lost virtual estate.
If there is a problem, user must demonstrate that it was his/her fault. In case of weak password or separate account.
With registration user agrees with sending mails about updates and news. user can turn it off by Email.
If user's registration email is not valid. Operator can ban or delete account. User agrees with using this Email in registration.
Operator is not responsible if there is problem with user's email adress. Operator is not allowed to use user's Email adress.
Operator can delete non-using accounts.

§ 3 Cheating/hacking/using errors/scripting
Action which can endanger the gamestyle are not allowed.
Automatic and mid automatic scripts which are doing Questions into database are not allowed.
User usings script will be banned or his/her virtual estate will be deleted.
Operator can request compensation user's action from administrative cost.
User must tell operator about errors in game if there are any.
If user use an error in game for his/her own bonus in virtual estate, virtual estate will be banned and deleted.
User can't copy name of other players or Admin team members.

§ 4 Behavior rules
Promotion of things, companies, links, webs or other games is not allowed.
All texts written by players like names, chat, guild name, posts on forum, links or messeges which are means like rasism, damage other players or are vulgarism can be deleted and accounts can be banned.
User must count with criminal consequences.
Operator si not responsible about those texts.
control is random or with suspicious document.
Act like Game admin or Operator is prohibited as well as threaten Game admin sanction.
User is not allowed to kill other user on more than 2CH on same place.

§ 5 Game language
Official game language is set by game texts on this server.
Names, guild names or vulgarisms in other language can be banned or deleted.

§ 6 Rules enforcement
Rules enforcement is is work for Admin team or Operator.
User can find them in game or on Game support.
If user doesn't accept Game admin's answer and try the same problem on other Game admin, account can be banned.

§ 7 Protection of personal data
After Login we get all information about account from which we can control every user.
Operator uses those data as check control.

§ 8 Costs
Game is free to play.
You don't have to pay anything for Login.
User can buy Dragon coins (next only DC).
DC will be added to account where was payment successful.
User can see prices in "Main panel" and "Buy coins".
DC can be used in game for special items, special bonuses.
If there is any event in IS, user can't afford this event when it ends.
Prices in DC are always able to see.
User can buy stuff in IS only if there are DC on account.
When user buy anything in IS, he/she can use it in game.
If item is not time limited. Item's limit dependent on this contract.
User can give money to server as a gift. By reading this contract user agrees that gift is voluntary.
All rights beyond the limited right of use remain in the possession of the operator.
The operator offers different payment methods among which the user can freely choose and for this purpose the operator maintains business relationships with third parties as a provider such as Gopay.
Partly, these providers enter into their own contracts with the user during the payment, and in such cases, the general business conditions of the provider may also apply.
If you have questions, please contact your service provider or our support staff.
In order to protect younger players, the game does not offer the chance to win money or get paid.
Dragon coins can therefore not be exchanged for real currency or paid in such currency.
Unused units with termination of the use agreement are forfeited.
If a user is a minor, by ordering the premium currency units, he explicitly confirms that the funds needed to pay them have been remitted for that purpose or for free use.

§ 9 Complaints Procedure
Please report your complaint to the game support system or email address
Enter the account ID to which the claim relates and the name of the server, or you can use game support.
Recognition of the claim requires proof of payment, method of payment, time and date of execution.
The claim can not be accepted unless the email address from which the subject matter is submitted matches the email address registered with the account ID.
You will be informed by email about the progress of the complaint.

§ 10 Withdrawal from the sales contract
Purchasing Dragon Coins to a Game Account is considered to have been used by the Provider to claim a withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement.
The user may also not require any other substitution.

§ 11 Final Provisions
The Provider is not liable for the damage associated with the use of the game.
Assignment of the user's claims against the provider to third parties is excluded.
He also does not guarantee the health problems caused.
§ Operator
René Mládek
Phone: 725632657
Ich: 73431443
Czech Republic, 36001 Sadov 47