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News and Update

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News :

  • Increase the maximum level to 333.
  • Now all killed monsters will disappear after 1 second. It should optimize you to better destroy the boulders and reduce the "lags".
  • Hydra dungeon reduction by 50%.
  • Now, from level 201+, your character will have the following name:  [333 Lv. - Caesar] (rank remains, but level has been rewritten to level)
  • New map from 305+. You can find the entrance after going to the Lost Hydra Island (see below)
  • Maps (M) have been added to the areas of Kopa's Ruins, Magic Forest, Port City

Ship Defense:

  • The ship's defense was renamed: The Way to the Lost Island
  • The  mast now displays HP under neath the minimap.
  • Part of the monster is now actively attacking the mast.
  • There are 2 types of monsters: Monsters attacking the mast, Monsters attacking the player
  • The Hydra has 4 waves now.
  • After completing a trip to a lost island, each player in the group can choose a reward after clicking on the chest.
  • Now, after completing the trip to the lost island, spawne portal "Lost Hydra island 305+"

Lost Hydra Island:

  • The entry is written from the opening of the chest (for 2 hours).
  • When you enter (re-log), you will see how long you can be on the map in the chat (so far).
  • You can not go back if you leave the map. (This will be solved this day so the player can have a backward teleportation.)
  • 2 hours of active character - so called Player can be on the map in one day 30 minutes and the next day he has 1 hour and 30 minutes left. (So-called game time characters)
  • The map is for an exp of 305 to 333.